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How it works

Moodspark is an AI hardware appliance paired with a family app.


 It serves as a digital companion that monitors the emotional health of an elderly person, surfacing positive emotional memories and interrupting negative emotional patterns that can lead to loneliness, depression, and decreased health. 

How does it work?

We use a patent-pending computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to privately and discreetly detect and alert to patterns of sadness or stress.  Once detected, our digital companion goes to work offering personalized conversations and content which is designed to spark the emotional memory and create feelings of happiness and connection. 


The device can also be set to alert family members or caretakers when the elderly individual it is monitoring has an emotional spike, or appears to be having an episode that might need intervention. This allows loved ones and caretakers to step in when that person needs it most. 

A digital companion to spark the emotional memory


Families build a basic biographical profile by answering a few simple questions. Upload, connect, and share content from devices and popular social media services. Notifications and suggestions keep content fresh and engaging for the entire family.


MoodSpark PRIVATELY and DISCRETELY watches, listens, and learns for low level signals of sadness and stress. crying, repeated questions, and erratic behavior is detected and analyzed.


Once detected, the digital companion goes to work, offering personalized conversational queues and suggestions designed to re-direct your loved one towards uplifting, emotional memories like a favorite song, pictures of family, or a story.


MoodSpark extends the reach of friends, families, and loved ones and makes it easy to stay connected across long distances, share memories and program ways to uplift, distract, and redirect. As MoodSpark learns, we suggest ways to keep your loved ones happy with phone notifications.


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