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Help your loved one stay fulfilled and happy.

MoodSpark is an Alexa-like smart display that detects sadness and interrupts negative spiraling moods. It then uplifts with conversations, memories, favorites, and video visits from friends and family. 

Through a constantly learning AI with real caregiver support, the MoodSpark device offers personalized conversations and video visits for lonely seniors designed to spark emotional memories. 

MoodSpark Digital Companion


Pre-order your Moodspark device today while the private pre-ordering window is open. Once closed, only research institutions, hospitals, certain elderly care facilities, and current partners will be able to purchase the device until our partners’ national public offering. All devices will be delivered as soon as they are manufactured, encoded, and thoroughly tested. We update order timelines daily and weekly. 


What others are saying:

Brownyn M. 

Chestertown, MD

"It's like if Alexa turned into a loving caregiver!"


Place your order today while private pre-ordering is still open!

Once we reach capacity, we will close ordering until our partners' nationwide push.

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Kansas City, KS 66103

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